Management Team

Nikki Jones - Director of the AMRC Training Centre
Anne Griggs - Head of Business Development and Contracts
Louise Cowling - Head of Degree Apprenticeships
Gemma Fraser - Finance Manager
Jon Barker - Quality Manager
Gareth Wilkinson - Skills Manager

Recruitment Team

Lisa Sellers - Schools Engagement Lead
Debbie Slater - Recruitment Coordinator
Hayley Young - Recruitment Coordinator
Wendy Wilkinson - Recruitment Assistant
Leanne Drabble - Recruiter

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Employer Engagement Team

Dan Swift - Business Development & Recruitment Lead
Marc Rhodes - Business Development Account Manager

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Learner Support Team

Tom Sidebottom - Teaching and Learning Mentor
Chloé Fairman - Teaching and Learning Mentor
Tasleem Akhtar - Teaching and Learning Mentor
Anne Else - Learner Support Lead
Ellis Newby - Teaching and Learning Mentor

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Degree Team

Linda White - Programme Administrator
Dr Kathryn Jackson - Programme Lead - University Teacher
Dr Itai Vutabwarova - Programme Lead - University Teacher
Dr Heather Driscoll - University Teacher
Hatim Laalej - University Teacher