"As a fabricator plater, I am responsible for every stage of a job given to me. I’m currently working on a multi-million-pound project for Battersea Power Station in London, producing balustrading for the building.

Day-to-day, my job sees me making a range of products, from balconies and balustrading to handrails, which involves a lot of marking out, using a mechanical saw, drilling, tapping, countersinking, making jigs, TIG and MIG welding. I work with a variety of materials, from mild and stainless steel to aluminium.

I really enjoyed my time at the AMRC Training Centre; the training provided gives you the confidence you need when you go back in to company and do a job with confidence. In my career, I want to progress within the company and help other apprentices through mentoring. Before that, I would like to pursue further qualifications offered by the AMRC Training Centre."