Connor Blades

Full name: Connor Blades
Job title: Industrial engineer
Company name: Boeing

Q. Why did an apprenticeship appeal to you? 

 An apprenticeship appealed to me as I could earn whilst learning gain work experience, all whilst continuing with education. 

Q. What was the best part about doing an apprenticeship at the AMRC Training Centre? 

The best part was using the AMRC & University of Sheffield facilities (Training Centre, Diamond building) and developing my confidence through integrating theory to practise in a well-structured organisation, whilst engaging with a network of people who are working in different industries. 

I also had the opportunity to visit the Mclaren Technology Design Centre as a result of working hard and striving for success. 

Q. Who inspired you to pursue a career in engineering? 

My family, friends, and people who have encouraged me to take action with my life. 

Q. What tips and/or advice would you give to other people looking to do an apprenticeship? 

I would advise others to follow your heart, be prepared to work hard and make some personal sacrifice. It’s worth it. 

By stepping into an apprenticeship, you not only invest in yourself, but a whole infrastructure invests in your future.

Q. Has your career now been influenced by your apprenticeship? 

Absolutely! My current position is the result of every one of my former and current work colleagues, classmates who I keep in contact with and the support and guidance the AMRC provides.