We caught up with our University of Sheffield AMRC Training Centre apprentice alumni to find out about their apprenticeship highlights and where they are now.

Full name: Jack Varley 
Employer: NIKKEN Kosakusho Europe Ltd
Current job title: Business Manager (North Midlands)
Apprenticeship pathway: Maintenance

What’s your entrance song and why?
Oasis - Rock ‘n’ Roll Star. 

Who would you choose to play you in a movie of your life?
Jack Black 

What did you spend your first big paycheck on?
A set of speakers and a headphone bundle. 

What was the highlight of your apprenticeship?
Finishing my apprenticeship with NIKKEN was a great day, I've not looked back since. 

Tell us your AMRC Training Centre hero and why?
Ian Taylor my college tutor was a very knowledgeable guy and loved his rugby, I had some great conversations with him.

Tell us about a typical day at work?
Visiting existing customers and creating new leads for NIKKEN in my area from Northampton up to Teesside - sales and business management is very different to where I started in the service department.

Tell us how an apprenticeship kick-started your career?
The engineering knowledge and communication skills gained at NIKKEN in the service and technical sales departments is invaluable in my current role.

What’s next for you?
A long and accomplished career at NIKKEN Europe!

In one sentence, tell us why do you love apprenticeships?
Hands-on experience cannot be beaten, it’s something you can’t learn in the classroom.