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Three of our business admin apprentices have been working in the University of Sheffield's Faculty of Engineering since September. Stacey Curtis, Josh Talbot and Asaed Ali discuss how they found their apprenticeship and what their first two months on the job have been like.

Why did you apply for the apprenticeship?

Stacey: “When I was younger Id gone to 6th form at All Saints but when I left I didnt really know what I wanted to do so I didnt go to university. I started working and I thought this kind of role could be good for me -   I like to be organised. So I went on an OCR course in business admin. The day I got my results I actually came across the job listing on the Sheffield site. I knew it was a good place to work and a lot of places ask for experience now so this is a really good opportunity.”

Josh: I like physics and maths so Ive always had an eye out on engineering, so when I saw the apprenticeship come up I thought Id have a go and take a look at what goes on…Id like to look into more hands on engineering but I think I might be more of a business kind of guy

“Ive just finished my AS levels before starting here but I might try and finish my A levels at night school while I do the apprenticeship”

Asaed: I used to work in a credit union last year doing another apprenticeship but that ended and I wanted to do another one and I saw the job posted on the Sheffield site.

What kind of thing have you been doing day-to-day since you started in September?

Stacey “At the moment Im working on reception in Civil but Ive been helping out with transcripts and working on an open day. Im doing a lot!”

“were really focusing on internationalism, trying to get international students and home students, so I helped organise a quiz night for both groups and after I helped evaluate the event”

Josh “day to day we dont actually see each other much at all as we move around in different departments”

“every day is very different when youre in with students. Theres always someone coming in with questions or something needs sorting. The students are usually as lost as I am! “

Asead “Ive started in mechanical. Im mostly specialising in financial stuff like good receipts, credit cards and things like that. – Maths is probably my strongpoint so thats my focus.

What do you want to get out of the apprenticeship by the end?

Stacey: “A job at the University! I do really like the department Im in but I think its a great idea that were moving around as its going to give us a lot of knowledge about what goes on. By the time the apprenticeship ends I think the new building should be finished so maybe I can get a job there.”

Josh: “Once I complete the apprenticeship Im hoping Ill have a more in depth view of Sheffield and the University, and a job at the end of it if Im lucky”

Asaed: “Im hoping to get a full time job and a qualification at the end of it too. Were going for an NVQ level 4 as part of the scheme."


If you are interested in taking on an apprentice in 2014, please speak to our business development manager, Grahame Ashcroft. Call him on 0114 222 9935 or email

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*This interview orginally appeared in the Faculty of Engineering Newsletter