Government Ministers, Regional MPs, Global OEMs and leading SMEs from the Sheffield City Region will congregate in Westminster, London next month to launch the 2013 Global Manufacturing Festival (GMF) which will take place in Sheffield between 17-19 April 2013.

The London Launch which takes place on Tuesday 26 February 2013 aims to reinforce Sheffield City Region as the focal point of the UK for Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering.

The launch will highlight a number of significant industry objectives needed to grow the manufacturing sector and re-balance the UK Economy, such as the need to encourage and boost international trade and the importance of developing future skills and capabilities.

It will also highlight the significance of the Sheffield City Regions part in achieving these objectives, the aspirations of these world leading companies and how Government and Trade bodies can help facilitate growth.

Part of the event  programme for the launch includes a roundtable discussion, for which President of Boeing, Sir Roger Bone, Terry Scuoler – Chief Executive of leading Industry body EEF and Dr Hamid Mughal, Executive Vice President of Manufacturing, Engineering & Technology at Rolls Royce Plc., will all be special guest panellists.

The launch will also feature the University of Sheffield AMRC's Manufacturing Transporter (Mantra), a unique travelling showcase for advanced engineering. 

Speaking ahead of the launch next month, Sheffields Master Cutler Neil MacDonald, one of the key organisers behind the festival said: “2013 sees the third annual Global Manufacturing Festival, and the event is now firmly established on the national business calendar.

We are delighted that this year it will be held at the AMRC, which in just a few years has become a world class research and manufacturing facility and the exemplar of what can be achieved when the private and public sector work together. Boeing have been partners in the venture from the start, so it is a great honour that Sir Roger Bone will be attending the official London launch of the 2013 festival"

Attendance to the Global Manufacturing Festival is completely free, however exclusive factory visits will require a small entrance fee. Due to limited spaces, delegates will have to be registered for the events they wish to attend. The full event programme is due to be announced at the end of January and registration will open at the same time.

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