The University of Sheffield AMRC Training Centre is marking National Apprenticeship Week by recognising some of our fantastic apprentices and shining a light on the positive impact they’re making to businesses and the wider economy.

The week-long celebration, now in its 15th year, is also an opportunity for people of all ages to find out why an apprenticeship with the AMRC Training Centre can help pave the way to a successful career within manufacturing and engineering.

Director of the AMRC Training Centre, Nikki Jones, said: “National Apprenticeship Week is a great opportunity for us to highlight the amazing work being done by our skilled apprentices and their employers within the South Yorkshire region and beyond. 

“There are many different pathways available for aspiring apprentices and a well-chosen programme can really kick-start their journeys into highly successful and rewarding careers.

“Employers appreciate how our training is developed and delivered with industry and for industry, to ensure we’re meeting the skills demand and pace of change with technology. What that means is our apprentices can hit the ground running and contribute directly to businesses achieving their objectives. 

"It is fantastic to hear employers telling us how their apprentices have helped them to improve efficiency, to innovate and to develop the quality of their products and services.”

Nikki also says that hearing so many positive stories from the training centre is ‘really inspiring’ and means South Yorkshire can look forward to an exciting future seeing more people of all ages gain such value from an apprenticeship’.

She added: “Over the past eight years, we’ve seen more than 1,700 apprentices start their career journeys with us and we hope that during this week of celebration and recognition, their stories inspire more people to be curious about apprenticeships, and why it might be the right choice for them and begin to build their future with us.”

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