This course aims to provide a sound understanding of the scientific principles of metallurgy and how to apply them to specify and process metals in an industrial context. 

Learning outcomes of the course:

  • Understanding of the metallurgical principles of phase diagrams, crystallography and manipulation of microstructures to achieve desirable properties
  • Selection of tailoring of alloys to suit a range of end applications
  • Familiarity with all aspects of the production, processing and finishing of metal products
  • Understanding of test methods, specifications and product standards
"The training centre ran the course for our sales and commercial teams. Every participant enjoyed the course and believed it to fulfil their own personal objectives. I believe it to have provided a good basic understanding of metallurgy, which will no doubt improve customer services, and ultimately lead to increased confidence in developing technical sales skills."

Dennis Megson, CML Alloys

Who should attend?

Professionals who work in the production, processing, specification, design, fabrication or selling of metals. The course is suited to, for example, production, technical, quality control, product design and marketing and sales professionals. Some prior knowledge of basic metallurgical principles, however, would be beneficial.

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