The AMRC Training Centre is open as usual today (July 22). For our staff and students, please refer to previous email communications regarding access to the centre.   

Being an apprentice in engineering isnt as plain sailing as some of our new starters thought. Maths in engineering is critical. Many of our young learners have come straight from school, yet they either havent retained how it works, or in some cases never really understood in the first place.

To help them reach the required standard, one of our trainers David Smith, is holding extra maths lessons each week. He has many years of experience in engineering training and has developed his own materials to increase each learners knowledge.

David says “Its become apparent to me that the way maths is being taught in schools just isnt cutting the mustard when it comes to application in an engineering context. Its not every apprentice but I have noticed an increase over the last few years. The students definitely have the capability but there is something going awry that they come to us and they need this extra support. Its a pleasure for me to see them learn and develop however and I know Im teaching a room full of talented young engineers of the future.

“James is one of our apprentices; he is an incredibly bright young man, yet he didnt particularly like maths at school”. James says “"I didn't enjoy maths too much in school, so when I came to the AMRC I thought that the maths might be a challenge for me. I find that I understand some of the material in the normal maths lessons, but these extra classes with Dave really help me understand the topics. Also it helps show how the maths means everything in the engineering environment, from stress analysis to calculating the engine power in systems. I've got my head down and want to succeed." 

If you are thinking about becoming an apprentice, the AMRC Training Centre will work with you on an individual basis and develop a programme to suit you. Its quite unique in its approach and is aiming to be the very best in the UK.

Pictured is James Priestley, a machining apprentice and David Smith, AMRC trainer.