The AMRC Training Centre is open as usual today (July 22). For our staff and students, please refer to previous email communications regarding access to the centre.   

The AMRC Training Centre held a joint event, called Awesome Odds, with BAE Systems on Friday 24th May.  This event was attended by 100 students representing 10 schools from across Sheffield and Rotherham.

The aims of this event were to underpin the importance of Mathematics, showing pupils how the theories they are taught in class really relates to the world of work - from calculating profit and loss within a business environment to linking the qualification gained at school through to possible career paths.

The students were treated to a Theatrical production from Markgreenop Associates, followed by a series of interactive sessions.  Activities looking at potential careers were explored by Big Green Fox, this helped the pupils explore not only possible careers, but also the social skills needed and pathways open to them.  A Business simulation game was undertaken where pupils were tasked with organising a production line from raw materials through the assembly of a product to inspection, quality and customer liaison, this activity culminated in a profit and loss assessment.

Kerry Featherstone, Head of Training at the AMRC Training Centre said “we were delighted that so many pupils came for the event. There was a real buzz in the air as they took part in all the different games and activities. We really hope that we see many of their faces in the next couple of years as apprentices here at the AMRC.”

Additional feedback from the day was really positive with students leaving with a new insight to the world of work and an understanding of the breadth of careers open to them and the importance of gaining their GCSEs.

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