This supplementary two-day workshop enables candidates to continue practising the skills already gained in the Introduction to CAD course and become proficient in the production of 3D models. Candidates will be introduced to additional functions of Autodesk Inventor and will work through a set of drawings to produce various 3D models.

Intermediate CAD programme delivery:

2D features

  • Creating various profiles using rectangle, circle and line tools
  • The use of patterning techniques to create PCD’s/hole positions
  • Applying dimensions and constraints ensuring the sketch is fully constrained
  • Additional sketches and editing of sketches to develop problem solving skills.

3D features

  • Model manipulation to set up the correct view using zoom, pan, orbit techniques
  • Changing a 2D sketch into a 3D solid using extrude and revolve techniques
  • Using various options of hole, fillet and chamfer features to change model design
  • Patterning of 3D features using rectangular, circular and mirror techniques
  • Assembly of components.

Who should attend?

We recommend that candidates attend the AMRC Training Centre Introduction to CAD course before enrolling onto the Intermediate CAD course.

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